Salsa Classes

Learn to Dance With Our Professionals

Dancing imbibes a sense of well-being quite unlike any other exercise. It is good for your heart and makes you fit, helping you burn calories. Above all, you feel light hearted and happy for no reason!


Class Schedule:


  • SUN    8:00PM-9:00PM
  • WED   8:00PM-9:00PM


  • SUN    10:00PM-11:00PM
  • WED   8:00PM-9:00PM
Are you looking for great Bachata dancing & lessons? Then join us and you can learn this amazing dance style at our Bachata classes & parties in London every Tuesday. This Latin dance style, originally from the Dominican Republic, has fast become many peoples favourite with its great rhythms and movements. At our weekly London Bachata classes, you can expect to have a great time smiling, laughing and meeting new people as you learn how to dance bachata. Even if you’re a beginner with 2 left feet, join us for our Bachata dance classes and we’ll get you dancing in no time. Plus, you can even enjoy some great Salsa classes on the same night. What’s not to like? Its time you joined all our friendly bachata dancers for a great night of Bachata in London. See you soon!

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